COVID-19 Information and Forms

COVID-19 Statememt

At the St. Joseph Center for Outpatient Surgery, we have implemented many additional processes to help protect our patients, staff, and providers. Our goal is to continue to care for the community but at the same time keep a CLEAN facility that you are confident coming into.

Below are a few processes we have put in place for these unprecedented times:

  1. Screening questions are asked during your pre-operative calls.
  2. All patients coming into the facility will have a COVID-19 test 3-5 days prior.
  3. Caregivers are to drop the patient off at the front door.
  4. Caregivers do not enter the facility unless the patient is a minor.
  5. A temperature is taken upon entering the building.
  6. Each patient needs to wear a mask in the facility.
  7. All caregivers will wear masks while caring for you.
  8. Caregivers will be notified of your outcome if you would like via phone by your physician.
  9. Staff will provide discharge instructions to your caregiver via phone.
  10. Hand Hygiene for all is stressed and encouraged.

While we make every effort to provide a CLEAN environment for our patients, staff, and providers, we need your assistance as well. Enclosed is our Patient Agreement requesting your commitment to do your part prior to and after surgery. We are asking each patient to partner with us, by showing your commitment by following and signing the patient agreement document (link below).

If you have any questions, please call us at 816-364-9992.

Download the COVID-19 Patient Agreement Document
Download the COVID-19 Letter to Patients


We Protect Your Data

It can be unnerving to share the entirety of your medical history with anyone, even a recognized facility like ours. Rest assured, your personal information and patient data are protected according to all federal HIPAA laws and regulations. 


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